Yamas… Meze & Tapas

A few weeks ago I really need a break and wanted to go out and have Tapas! I’ve been craving it for ages and love La Tasca.

So the girls decided to take me out and we headed into Nottingham for some Spanish Tapas until we got there and realised that La Tasca is closed!!!!

Craving Tapas we went on a mission to find a place and whilst searching the net like crazy we found a Mediterranean Tapas place central.

The restaurant was quite busy but they have some seating spaces upstairs too. The place looks small but cosy and the staff were really welcoming.

We were served by a young male server (totally forget his name… Sorry) who was great throughout the night. He was checking up on us, making sure we were okay, and recommended some great wine and food as well.

Me being me, I had to of course take photos before I let the girls eat although I only had my phone and the place was a little dim and dark.

The food was amazing, it was so good and the price was really decent as expected. The thing about Tapas is you’re not 100% sure on how much you should order and between us we ordered roughly 5-6 dishes which was just right for us.

You can find the menu here: http://www.yamas.co.uk/page/menu

We ordered…

  • Mediterranean dips
    • Mix of 4 dips with some naan bread. Houmous (chickpeas), Tzatziki (yoghurt cucumber/mint), Taramosalata and Tirokafteri.
  • Dolmades
    • Seasoned lamb minced and rice, wrapped in vine leaves.
  • Kalamari
    • Deep fried squid
  • Spetzofai
    • Chorizo sausage with peppers in a spicy tomato salsa.
  • Lamb Souvlaki
    • Marinated meat pieces.
  • Patatas Bravas
    • Fried potatoes in a spicy tomtato salsa.
  • Halloumi Saganaki
    • Fried Halloumi cheese.