Polo neck top comes out…

How cold is it!!!

Time to get the polo neck out. I brought a black polo neck from Asos, as my neck gets very cold and once it does my back starts to hurt.

I wanted today’s outfit to be simple as I was just going out to Derby with Amen and his friend Gaz who has come down from Wales.  

Top from Asos, jeans and jacket from Zara, converse from Office and my bag is from Lacoste.

As it is Mother’s Day tomorrow, we wanted to get a few finally things for the day for both mums. Amen’s mum is into knitting at the moment and I wanted to buy her something small to go with her main present so we brought her some knitting supplies.

For lunch we went to Nandos! And yum… I didn’t realise how tasty their salad is. Yes I know a salad from nandos?! What! But I wanted something light that wasn’t going to put me in a food coma so went for the Mediterranean Salad with medium chicken stripes and halloumi cheese. Delicious!

Once we came home I wanted to go and see Maya because I missed her so much. How cute is she…