Vivo Italian Restaurant Review

We usually don’t do anything big for Valentine’s Day as me and Amen try to spend the weekends out and about, trying new things, going to different places. So for Valentine’s Day it was a normal Sunday meal for us, but it’s nice to know you’re spending the day with a loved one.

He booked Vivo Italian Restaurants in Stapleford, Nottingham. I do like Italian food, it’s not my favourite but it’s a nice change.

The place from outside looks nice and clean and it has a review on trip advisor of 83% excellent and very good.

It was a little quite when we got there but we are early dinners and it was only 6.30pm at the time and it was a Sunday. The atmosphere was great and when we walked in we were greeted by the staff very quickly with a smile.

The tables in some areas are a little close together and where we sat, I did feel that we were close to another couple near by.

We looked through the menu, and normally I would go for starters and a main but I thought I’d behave as I never finish all my food and go straight for the main.

I order the Pollo allo milanese which is chicken coated in breadcrumbs served with a small salad and Parmesan. The food is also served with a selection of vegetables.  

I really enjoyed my food, it was nice and simple but enough food for me. The potatoes were lovely and soft but though there could be more. The veg is a great combo for the main and really liked the small salad to accompany the chicken. Overall it was a 7/10. It was lovely and simple, nothing different or made me say wow but wasn’t bad at all.

Amen went for the Salmone Erbacipolina which is fresh salmon, chives and a splash of vodka in pink sauce.

Straightaway you could smell the salmon. If you’re like me a strong smells put you off then it’s one to avoid. The salmon mixed with the vodka really brings it out and Amen mentioned the taste was very over powering too. He enjoyed the sauce and the pasta but felt he couldn’t eat the fish as it was too strong. Overall he gave it a 5/10 as the sauce was great but other areas not to great.

Out of 100% we would give it 75% if you are looking for simple quite nice for some Italian food as well as some lovely customer service.

For more information, visit their website HERE (although not a friendly website and doesn’t justify how nice the place actually looks. Need to get on it)