True Haven

It’s taken a while but the new website is finally up. Not completely finished yet but if anyone who is reading and currently going through the same thing or have been then I am sure you understand how long a new site can take.

The blog side of the website is finally done and I am getting a store added to the site, which will have some True Haven jewellery available.


I got married back in July to my best friend Amen and have had to say farewell to Birmingham and greet Nottingham as my new home.

I will make a post soon about Nottingham and the places I have been so far and where I would recommend you guys going to if you are ever here.

Also I have got a new job although I’m still freelancing and helping out HeartCMS with PPC and Social but I am now a Community Manager at Boots – more info can be found on my LinkedIn.

So hopefully now that my days are a little more structured yet still busy, I will get more time to post online and share reviews on Fashion, Beauty, Food, Films, Books, Travel and loads more.