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Working in marketing sure can be a blessing! In the last 5 years I have worked in marketing and expanded my knowledge in digital online marketing. From PPC to social so as a blogger I always make sure that when doing a post it is optimised. Social is brilliant to get a visibility but remember that when you want information you go to a search engine like Google before social. This is why it is also important to invest time and money in SEO.

Before we get into these tips, we need to understand exactly what SEO is. Search Engine Optimisation, SEO for short, is essentially the way people find your site on search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing. The goal of SEO is to optimise your site to obtain a high placement in the search results of these various search engines. Basically when you type your search term you want to be at the top/first place to have a higher chance of being clicked onto. (You then want to make sure they are on your site long enough to be converted into some sort of action or transaction).

The end goal of SEO is simple: to drive as much traffic as possible to your blog. The more traffic you get to your blog, the more likely you are to have a significant presence on the Internet.

While SEO can get extremely complicated and difficult to understand, there are some simple things you can do to help boost your SEO and optimise your blog.

Install SEO Plugins

No matter what platform you are blogging on, there are SEO plugins to help you optimise your posts.

If you are using WordPress, you should install an SEO plugin like Yoast. This is a simple and also an easy-to-use tool that is a must-have for any blogger using the WordPress platform.

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Title Your Posts

Create appropriate titles for your post that relate to the topic you are writing about. Be sure to include search terms that people would use on Google to find the topic you are talking about. You almost want to see this as what your keywords are. For example if you are writing a review blog post about a lipstick you want to make sure you have the title state the brand name and the word review.

Many bloggers skip this step altogether and don’t even take the time to title their blogs. This is a fatal error. Titles are one of the most important parts of your blog posts because search engines look for them and rank your blog based on the quality of these titles.

Create Quality Content

Quality content is the key to SEO because it is what will drive readers to your blog and keep them there. A lot of SEO optimisation will do very little for your blog if your posts are not substantive and lack interesting content. (Remember there are a lot of bloggers out there, so clearly this is a passion for you as well but what makes you different).

Be sure to create solid content that will engage your readers and encourage them to share your posts on social media. The more shares you get, the more people will come to your blog.

Remember that you are writing for people that will read your blog and not the search engine robots that will be scouring and indexing your page.

Use Text Instead of Images

While banners and images may be an appealing way to start your blog, Google and other search engines can’t read them. Instead, start your posts with words and interesting introductions. When you do include images, make sure they are titled with correct alt text so the search engines can index them.

Link Older Blog Posts

Create links in your posts to past blog posts that you have created. This will help your organic rankings encouraging visitors to read other posts on your blog. For example –

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