Revolucion De Cuba Review

I was lucky enough to be invited to try out the food at Revolucion De Cuba a few days ago where Paulina (not sure on title – sorry) was lovely enough to let me try their lunch menu.

I’ve heard about the place (normally shorten as revsdecuba) from a few of my friends and Amen who normally ends up there on a boys night out. He says the place has great music and is a great place to have a nice chilled out night, however he has never tried the food before.

We decided to go on a Saturday during lunch hour expecting it to be quite but to our surprise, there was a lot of people there. Not packed out crazy but just like any other restaurant rather than a Bar which, is what I kept seeing it as.

The place is almost most decorated as a Spanish church is a strange way with photo frames everywhere, a concrete staircase and tables that are mosaic.

When going into the first floor which, is where the restaurant is, you have a huge colourful bar in front of you with two sections of the restaurant on either side.

We were served by a lovely waitress called Jill who showed us the menus and gave some advice what she personally recommends that are her favourite.

I decided to split the review on topics below.


The menu splits into different sections. You have little bits, burgers, vegetarians, tapas etc.

Me and Amen decided to split it so I went for Tapas as he went for the Burger so we had a bit of everything to try and split it between us.

Tapas – Sticky Chicken Skewers, Iberico Ham Croquetas, Pork and Chorizo Quesadillas. 

Sticky Chicken Skewers

Chicken was cooked well and was a good amount of portion too. I loved how the chicken was sticky with sesame seeds covered at the topped. The flavours, personally could have been stronger however, with Tapas you always get a mixed of flavours that balance each other so I didn’t mind so much.

If I was to have just the Skewers then I would want it to be a little stronger and more marinated.

Iberico Ham Croquetas

I love Iberico Ham but never had it as a croquetas. The best way to explain it is almost like a cheesy dip wrapped up. Very creamy with tiny ham pieces chopped up. For me, this dish is one of those where you will get someone who says it’s too creamy or someone else who will say not creamy enough. It depends what taste buds you have.

Pork and Chorizo Quesadillas

My Favourite! I could go back just to have this dish alone. Chorizo is already a fave so I knew it was going to be my favourite but mixed with small pork bits almost as sausages pressed against two fried wraps all together made an amazing dish.

It was crispy yet soft, packed full of flavour that was just right. Not too oily which was good and had the perfect amount of filling in them so wasn’t too much, too little or too messy. To finish it of all the lovely flavours they added sour cream and chive at the top. Delicious!

Amen’s main meal

Jerk Chicken Hamburguesas

The description of the burger is what caught our eye. Jerk marinated chicken breast topped with a mango salsa. You get this with a rum mayo, fennel slaw and skinny fries.

Only recently I’ve enjoyed mango chutney so having mango salsa with the onions and peppers then rubbing off the marinate from the jerk chicken was my favourite.

The burger was massive as well as the plate it came in full of chips and slaw. The burger had two pieces of chicken which, is always a bonus as most places don’t offer this. As me and Amen split the burger it was very messy to cut and pick up but any person eating this solo would pick up and have to take a huge bite just to get through all the layers.

Overall delicious and filling.

To go with our meal we also decided to have a nibble. It had to be some form of nachos, so we went for Smoky Tomatoes Salsa served with tortilla chips.

It was very traditional Cuban/Mexican fresh salsa, with lightly salted chips, so don’t expect any tomatoe purée type salsa. It’s tiny tomatoes, onions, peppers all smoked together – very tasty.


We were served by a lovely lady called Jill who was great, quick, professional and overall friendly.

From when we walked in to being served all the staff members were accommodating.

Presentation and atmosphere

The place is beautiful and the atmosphere was so chilled out. There were places to just relax at the bar or if you were looking for a more family friendly area they had that to one side.

It’s a place I would definitely go back to for just drinks.

Price and Value

For 3 Tapas it was £14 and for Amen’s main it was about £12. Big proportion for the price too so overall not too bad.

Thanks to Paulina and the team for having us!