My Go To Lipstick

A good lipstick is so hard to find these days… And there are so many to choose from!! The amount of times I’ve walked around stores and browsed online thinking what colour do I want? Red ??? But what shade… Cherry? Right? Matte, silk, satin, gloss? No wonder we spend hours in stores whilst our other half thinks we’re crazy and hate going shopping with us.

One of the problems I face is having a lipstick that looks like I’m not wearing lipstick and it’s my natural colour. In other words nude with a hint of shade.

For my birthday my sister brought me ‘brave’ lipstick from Mac but is a gorgeous colour but it’s too light for me and doesn’t sit on my lips. I’ve tried other lipsticks and the closest I’ve come to is Revlon colour burst (I think it’s 225).

I love the colour so much that I should be on commission from Revlon because I’m made all my friends and family buy it. The only problem with it is that for me it doesn’t stay online long enough. The lip crayon is matte but it feels a little satin silk to me. So on a search I go and I think I’ve found it.


Kat Von D studded kiss in Lolita. It comes in a beautiful black stuffed case so it looks great in my bag and in my hand. The lipstick also has the engraving of her logo, which is amazingg! When you look at the colour you think pink red but I was pleasantly surprised that it was a more pink brown. The colour to me is more of my natural lip colour but has clear sign of pink tones. It feels quiet matte but j wear it with carmex underneath. It stays on roughly 6 hours before I feel like I need to top it up a little more.

IMG_2523 IMG_2522-0