Mirrors Online

Yep today’s post is all about mirrors. I know I know but you know what in my defence mirrors are part of beauty, without it there’s no way I could do my makeup or skincare. And you know what they say mirrors are a reflection of who you are so with the right one, it can really bring out the best of you so today I want to share with you my favourite website to shop for mirrors online in case you are thinking of re-designing your bathroom or just looking for a good pretty full length mirror so that you could photography your OOTD for Instagram. Hah!

Now since my husband and I just bought a new house, and I really want to get a somewhat different than normal mirror for my bathroom so that it could really brighten up the whole space, and every time when I do my makeup I feel good. I was thinking something like this Large Abstract Venetian Modern Wall Mirror or perhaps a Large Round Modern All Glass Sunburst Venetian Mirror. What you guys think? I just really love these kind of modern venetian mirrors because they are just so pretty to look at and big enough to do my makeup.


The thing I like about Everything Mirror is that they have over 700 diverse designs so there’s something for everyone, and with free delivery and free return you just can’t go wrong.


If you live in a small house or apartment and looking for something to decorate but would also help to enlarge the place, I think mirrors are a great way to go, especially antique mirrors because of that classic look but still manage to be modern and chic.

That’s it beauties, I highly recommend checking out Everything Mirror¬†because of the good service you’ll get, and the fact that there are so many types to choose from so happy shopping, and remember life is like a mirror we get the best results when we smile at it! So smile!