It’s a #PetalParty

Yesterday I was lucky to be at the BootsUK Petal Party. It’s times like this when I can honestly say what is there not to love about my job!

Although I was there for work I was able to take some photos to share with you guys what we did.

The whole point of the event was to raise awareness of ‘insneezia’, which is the insomnia-esque effects of hayfever symptoms at night.

Research found that 64% of people with hayfever say their sleep is disturbed by symptoms of hayfever. This is because the temperature drops causing the pollen that has risen in the atmosphere during the day, to fall back to the ground.

If anyone does suffer from it then I would recommend speaking to a Boots Pharamacist. This isn’t me being biased although I work for them, it’s genuinely a helpful tip to know. No one wants to wake up feeling crappy so make sure you ask!

Moving to the fun stuff… To raise awareness we released 3 million petals (tissue papers as well as bio-degradable petals, which were swept and recycled after) from the sky.

Lauren Pope from Towie was the guest DJ who played some great tracks and brought in a lot of attention. The atmosphere was something else.

I could only explain it as being BEAUTIFUL!
The weather was beautiful, everyone was happy, smiling, laughing, taking pictures and really enjoying themselves and at that moment it was difficult to capture it all in a picture although I tried.

Hopefully they have another next year and if so I would always recommend you to go and relax.


It’s a #PetalParty! Amazing event that ended the day on a high! Well done @vickie88123 😘

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