Interior design

A few weeks a go, me and Amen decorated our front living room. Before we decided what we wanted I of course went onto Pinterest as well as an App I love called Houzz to get some inspiration and ideas.

Although we have already done the living room, I can’t seem to stop looking through the images! I want all the living rooms and houses there is… I wish!

I thought I would share with you guys some of my favourite images that I have saved which I think are small little ideas that can really change the appearance as well as the experience in a home.

Please note these images do not belong to me and have been taken from Pinterest.

Living room

Pinterest: @oliviajacquelyn:

I love the idea of having the bottom and top shelves to be separated with the TV. It’s a great way to have your small ornaments that don’t make the place look too cluttered either.

10 Ideas To Decorate Your Small Living Room | For more ideas, click the picture or visit

I’m a big fan of black and white themed rooms. They never go out of style and they just look amazing, not just in living rooms but all rooms. I’m a big fan but I think Amen sometimes prefers a little colour to be added for a touch of warmth which is why I like the idea of bringing the tan/brown in too.


White and sage green country kitchen | Kitchen decorating | 25 Beautiful Homes |

The reason why I love this image is because of the size. It just shows that even if you don’t have a big kitchen you can design it to look classic, elegant and really make use of the space.

Korken Jars from Ikea, labeled with their dry pantry contents:

I also really like this little jars that have been named in the cupboard. I think you can get these from Ikea.


I don’t have much design images as I am really particular and like walk in showers etc however I saw these two images which are just cool little add ons that are really useful.

Rolling up towels to store them in a wine bottle holder... brilliant.:

I love the use of a wine rack to be a towel holder. Really useful especially if you don’t have much bathroom space.

Step-By-Step Dollar Tree Apothecary Jars. Perfect for any bathroom!:

If you’re anything like me, then you will know that you can’t have enough cotton wool and buds especially in the bathroom. I have so many cotton pads just lying around and this looks so simple.

Bedroom/Cupboard Space. 

Master Bedroom Ideas: Tips for Creating a Relaxing Retreat | The Decorating Files |

Again as mentioned above, I’m a fan of simple shades such as white, blacks, browns and grey. I think a bedroom needs to be simple and it’s the one place that can gather a lot of clutter very quickly. Plus I would want carpet! We currently have wooden floors and it’s always cold and you see more mess I personally think.

Beautiful grey and white bedroom on Stylizimo blog #interiors #scandinaviandesign #grey:

I also love these draws that can fit in loads of stuff but again a great way to display your ornaments as well.

Store everything under or in your nightstand — not on top of it. | 23 Simple Ways To Make Your Space Way More Chill:

I also really like the idea of this bedside table having sections underneath it too.

Click To DOWNLOAD, My Dream Beauty Room Planner for #makeup organization and #beautyroom décor.:

A girl has to have her own little section where she can showcase her makeup and a place that is just for her. Don’t get me wrong Amen can have his place with his PS4 whilst I spend time in front of the mirror getting ready.

Guest Bedroom

For me this is the one place that can have more colour. When you go to a hotel, you tend to see more colour themes to the branding. I really like the use of the grey and the yellow in the image below.

Discover bedroom ideas on HOUSE - design, food and travel by House & Garden. Mustard textiles complement grey walls in this London house.:

10 Guest Room Essentials and Tips | Make your guests feel comfortable and right at home. Create a guest room that is welcoming with all the little touches. Print your wifi password for easy access.

How many times do you get asked what the Wifi password is… This is a simple way to display the password that will make you look so organised!

I have been looking at office rooms to but I think that would be difficult as Amen is very tech design whilst I am very blogger design. It would have to be a compromise.

These are other images as ‘AOB’ that I think are really nice.

Diy Home decor ideas on a budget. Beautiful!:

Try putting inspirational messages on clipboards and hanging them on the wall.:

I need to get one of these bag holders from Ikea to hold my wrapping paper in.:

Sure, organizing your home feels good, but who knew it could also look so good! Learn how to organize your linen closet like a pro with these tips from Waiting on Martha. This is an incredibly simple way to make your visiting friends, family, and guests feel right at home.:

If you see any other designs then make sure you send them across to me!