Iconemesis iPhone Case Review

The lovely people from HashtagBlogger (@htblogger) sent me the Fifi Lapin Rabbit Case from Iconemesis.

Having a phone case is important for me – I literally can’t be one of those people who leave the shop without a phone case, a screen protector and everything to keep it intact. I do prefer rub gel cases over hard shell cases but I do have to say I’m a big fan of this one.


I love Fifi Lapin products so I am a big fan of the image and the style of the case. The only thing for me would be that it’s a little dull and could be brighter but it’s a personal choice.

Soft, smooth and easy to hold. I really like the way the case feels. I actually prefer it to my gel case – which is saying something. A matte finish.

Really strong, especially as I have already dropped my phone 3 times since. It does the job, my phone is protected.

Overall really happy with the case and it will be my case for a while – until I get bored or it breaks.

If you are interested then you can purchase the range of Fifi Lapin cases from Iconemesis on their website – http://iconemesis.co.uk/ or follow them on Instagram @iconemesis

My Fifi Lapin case – http://goo.gl/2uL3WM

For 10% off use voucher code ‘hashtag’.

Please note that this is not a sponsored post however I always give my honest reviews on my blog regardless if I was being sponsored by a company or not, If I do not like a product I will openly say it on my page.