Bonnie xo lipstick review

Anyone who knows me, knows I love lipsticks!

My handbag right now probably has at least 7 lipsticks, which doesn’t include all my lip care products either. So when I was asked to review the Boonie XO lipsticks, it was a yes- more lipsticks for me!

Please note that although I received the products, I have not been paid for this review and I will give my 100% honest feedback.

Bonnie XO are a brand where you can customise your own lipstick which is a great concept. Like some, it’s difficult to get the right shade and if you do, you can’t then find the right finish. If you visit their website, you have the options to select your lipstick in three stages.

1) colour

2) lipstick type and finish

3.) fragrance

It then brings all of it into one lipstick for you.

I went for Jester Red in Strawberry and Toffe in Cherry.

The darker brown colour is Toffe in Cherry. The reason I choose this colour is because I naturally have dark lips so my nude tones are brown but I don’t have an actual brown lipstick to own.

First impressions:

  • The case of lipstick are cool and different. I like the black and white combo.
  • The smell was more like love hearts than cherries but I don’t mind that. Really nice sweet smell which you don’t find in lipsticks.
  • It was a matte finish however I felt it could be more matte textured as lipstick wears out on me quickly.
  • The bullet unfortunately broke so the lipstick came out which isn’t great and shows not so strong- not sure if transit had anything to do with it, although they were wrapped quite secure.
  • When you look at the lipstick it looks really dark, however it’s a lot more nude brown than expected.
  • Lipstick lasted 2 hours before a quick top up which is short. I have very moist lips so they do tend to wear out 4-5 hours but would like to see more wear from these.
  • Overall looks great, colour was great and smelt great, it was okay though. The colour could have been darker and the lipstick could have been more matte.

 The second lipstick is Jester Red in Strawberry.

First impressions:

  • Again same packaging so looks great.
  • More of a sweet strawberry smell but still similar to Love hearts sweet.
  • The bullet felt more secure for this one.
  • The colour looked a lot more pigmented when I did a swatch to the actual colour you think. Very burgandy, maroon colour.
  • This lipstick actually lasted me long with a wear of upto 4 hours which is much better but again could be more matte to have a longer stay.
  • Overall I preferred this one over brown as the colour were gorgeous and smelt amazing but areas to improve would be finish.

 Would I recommend?

I would say give it a try especially if you are picky or choose-y when it comes to colour, finish etc. This can help you choose one that suits you. If you are interested, the lipsticks are currently £10 on the website.

Thanks for reading and hope to catch up with you all soon.