Baresca Review

About 2 months ago the team at work decided to do a team meal after work. All being big fans of tapas (except 1) we decided to try out Baresca in Nottingham town.

As you would have noticed in a previous blog I went to Yamas to try out their tapas and loved it (you can read blog post here) so I was hoping expectation met especially as I heard a lot about it. And I did – I really enjoyed the food that I took Amen yesterday for a date night.

When going with work we choose the Menu Del Dia which is £9.95 per person. With this you get 1 flatbread and dip, any two tapas and one side which is a good amount for 1 person. The thing with tapas is you never know if you’ve ordered too much or not enough, so myself and Carlene decided to share our selection so we go a mix of different thing we both wanted to try out.

Food review below and Service near the bottom.

We went for –

Chicken Wings
The Chicken wings are amazing! When you first get them you will most likely say ‘seriously’. They are tiny and look like they have no meat on them but don’t be fooled. It has been marinated in a sweet chilli and sesame jam with coriander as garnish. The wings are crispy too but tender and falls off the bone really easy. It’s probably the best wings I have had to date.

Baby Chorizo
Really strong flavour which sometimes you don’t always get from tapas but they taste nice and smoked inside with the oil dripping of course which you can expect from chorizo. All in all was really taste. (warning don’t use a knife and fork as you might get it over someone’s top – sorry Lisa).

Chargrilled Lamb
Not what I expected, tastes good and was really nice and tender and not chewy at all as it was mince but there wasn’t any flavouring for me. Nice and chargrilled but actually was nice as a combo with the rest as it meant not having too much flavouring and something that was nice to give your palette a little bit of a rest with.

Red Lentil, Oregano and Feta Burger
Cute tiny burgers which look adorable and taste delicious. They taste like a falafel in a bun. Really yummy choose for any veggies.

Patatas Bravas
The classic – you can’t go wrong with Patatas Bravas and it’s not really tapas if it’s not a choice. Only thing I would say it that they were big pieces but it’s a personal preference of mine.

Polenta Chips
Not my favourite again and probably won’t choose it again. However, it’s what you expect from Polenta Chips, crisp outside, soft inside.

For theMenu Del Dia you can only get this option selected days and timings. Unfortunately, I’m not sure when as I can’t see it on their website either, so when I went with Amen on a Saturday at 8pm the menu wasn’t available and we had from the main.

Please note the main is still ‘tapas’ but they aren’t smaller portions to the Menu Del Dia (which I didn’t know until we got the food).

So we had –

Spanish Hot Flatbread
You can get two options in sizes when it comes to Flatbread – large or small. We were quite hungry so we went for large however we soon regretted and we wish we went for small as it was huge and took up the whole table and with the other tapas we were stuffed and full soon. However, it was amazing – it was a pizza basically but the flatbread was nice and crunchy around the edgy but soft in the middle with melted cheese. The spice was enough to have a kick but not be put off at all.

Chicken Wings, Baby Chorizo, Patatas Bravas and the Lamb Koftas
All which I have had before so just the same review. After having the wings the first time it was a must for  me and I wanted no only for Amen to try it but also wanted to see if they were just as good and still my favourite Chicken Wings and they were. Amen was a big fan and loved the sauce/marinate and I was not disappointed. Baby Chorizo, again another favourite to have which Amen really enjoyed too. The Lamb Koftas weren’t so chargrilled this time and looked uncooked to me, although they were and we both again weren’t a fan, one for us to not have again.

Not one for me as I don’t like a lot of fish but Amen said they were nice – not his favourite but still enjoyed it.

Overall, I love the food and definitely a place I would recommend and would love to go again but try something different from the menu – although the Chicken Wings are a must, I still think about them as I write this up.

The service both time has been great and really nice. We haven’t had issues getting a table, especially on Saturday evening and waiting for 20 mins however they have a bar where you can sit and wait which is nice to do as you don’t feel like an idiot just standing around. Only thing I would say is that small things like making sure napkins, knife and folks are available at the table helps so you avoid having to ask. Especially as Amen started to eat his whitebait and then needed a tissue – but again small thing.

I really liked the fact our server pointed out that they do add a 10% gratuity to the bill and it was our choice, which we would have but it’s nice to have it pointed out. It was a little slow but it was Saturday and very busy and with the bar we didn’t notice too much.

So if you are in Nottingham and not sure what to eat, definitely try Baresca – great bar, food and really nice atmosphere inside. The restaurant looks amazing!