A Relaxing Evening in…

So a few weeks ago I was able to pick up a Sanctuary Spa Covent Garden set for just £2! I have previously loved Sanctuary Spa products and they are great as gifts for friends because they smell amazing. The set looks like from the Christmas collection at Boots.


The products came in this gorgeous tin which has a few dents (hence the discounted price) and there was one item missing which is the bath soak which is a shame but was expected and will have to try it out another time.


In the tin I got

  • Cleansing Burst Body Wash.
  • Silky Smooth Body Lotion.
  • Gentle Polish Body Scrub.
  • Buff & Polish Body Puff.

As soon as I stepped into the hot shower and opened the Body Scrub you got a puff of smell, which is too hard to explain in words. The scrub has small little micro beads, which gently polishes your skin to leave it radiant and refined. I scrubbed the polish with the Body Puff that came with the set to really scrub into the skin. It was a really nice feeling and left my skin feeling exfoliated and I felt it got rid of any dead dry skin.

I then used the Body Wash, which is infused with essential oils and bursting jojoba beads. It transforms into foam with the Body Puff to smooth over your skin. It really feels nourishing and skin feeling silky smooth.

Once I was out I then used the Body Lotion all over to give my skin that last step of moisturising.

Overall the set really was amazing and I still continue to be a fan of Sanctuary Spa. Would love to try the soak so hopefully will get it and give it a go but if you are stuck with any gift ideas and not sure what is ideal then you can not go wrong with Sanctuary Spa products. I know you can get them from Boots but not sure if anywhere else provides the set.