A Little Gem…

I got the chance to try this little sample from L’Occitane. In the last year facial oils have become more popular in skincare routine, especially if you have dry skin as it nourishes into your skin to help it feel like normal. Most facial oils are enriched with vitamin E and Rosehip oil to protect, hydrate and lock the moisture into your skin.


I have combo skin, my cheeks and jawline gets oily whilst my T-Zone gets very dry. I like to use facial oil to hydrate my skin but mainly to wash my make up with it. I hate using make up wipes and by using the oil I’m actually hitting two birds with one stone.

At the moment I use No7 Beautiful Skin, cleansing oil. It’s my favourite! It’s great for my skin, it’s helps nourish it and when I wake up I don’t feel like my skin is dry, so whe I came by this little sample, I was looking forward to giving it ago. I used the oil before going to bed, as I feel it can’t be oily and needs time to hydrate. The sample was small so it lasted only 2 nights but I noticed that it’s a little thicker than the No7 one, as that’s lightweight however it smoothed on well and you can feel it lock into my skin. The smell isn’t too bad which is a good thing and when I dried my face I could see a slight glow which the No7 doesn’t give.

When I woke up I felt my skin was normal which are good signs and I didn’t come out with any spots which is always a plus. My skin felt smooth so it allowed me to not worry when wearing foundation.

Overall I think it’s great. It’s a shame it’s small as I think I would prefer to give it a week or two before reviewing but definitely a bottle I will look into the near future to invest in.